CCHi! My name is Ben Coryat and I am the Marketing Manager at Accura Outdoors. I have been around the company for a few years and recently came on board full-time. If you follow our social media I’m sure you have seen an influx of content and that’s due to being here full-time now!

Coming on board I was not skilled at reloading or had much time around it. I have been diving deep into the reloading community to understand how it all works. The good information from the bad. As part of my journey, I will be sharing it with you! Any little tips and tricks I learn I will pass along to you so you may learn something new as well. I have the comments open so that if you see something someone else can learn from you can post it and help build this community.

To give you some background of myself. I am an Army Veteran. I served 7 years as a Chinook crew chief or 15u on Ch47D and Ch47F. I deployed once in that time to Iraq with 3/25 Delta and Bravo Company. During my time in the Army, I also obtained my ALSE certification. I have been going to school for photography and marketing for the past few years. I own an AR15, Smith, and Wesson M&P 40, and a Savage 110 Tactical chambered in 6.5 Creedmore. This year to be more a part of our customers I will be going to take photos and compete in USPSA matches. I also hand-load my rifle rounds and will be doing the same for my M&P. I am married with 2 kids of my own and one stepchild. They are amazing children and have an interest in firearms and going out shooting. So look forward to your advise about taking your kids out shooting as well.  

I look forward to this adventure and hope more people come along the way to be a part of reloading and learning the Accura way.