With marketing for Accura, I want to know who our customers are and how to reach them. I know a large part of the reloading community shoots competitively and reloads a lot. Over the next few years, I am going to be covering different competitive shooting disciplines and classes, and local matches. We are the n progress right now shooting videos and creating a podcast of this as well to help educate people about competitive shooting.  I will be creating different blogs covering this with links to the video and audio (podcast) from them so look out for that!


We want to show the ins and outs and help encourage people to get out and shoot and be familiar with their firearms and know how it works. As well as be accurate with it.

To start I am using my current setup, which other current shooters recommended since I have never done this and what I want to shoot might change later. I will be shooting in USPSA shooting an M&P 40 full size with a vortex red dot. This puts me in carry optics. My current setup so far is an inexpensive Uncle Mike’s Shooter belt. It seems very sturdy and is a two-part Velcro belt like the bigger name ones. I am also using off-brand magazine pouches, as well as having some made for me by a local holster maker Hoftac Industries. Same with the Holster I’m having one made by him for my gun as well. I was told to get a BOSS hanger since I will later be able to swap it if I change guns and holsters. Once I get my setup together, I will give a better review of what I got.

Now you don’t have to run what I got or dive as deep as I have. You can honestly just use your carry holster and put spare mags in your pants pockets if you want to just try it out.

If you can leave comments about your first experience or what disciplines you shoot in or advice you want to share for other new shooters.