A new and upcoming class in USPSA and other disciplines is PCC (Pistol Carbine Class). PCC is a rifle platform shooting a pistol caliber projectile. The most common setup is an AR platform set up for 9mm. A few reasons for this combination are, 9mm is an inexpensive bullet and there are many parts for AR platforms set up for 9mm.   Even though this is the most common setup you can use any rifle pistol carbine setup.


We sat down with Jared Stanger with Team Jim’s Gun and Ammo Repair about why he chose PCC over other divisions. One of his reasons is he likes to shoot fast, a lot, and not have to reload. And in PCC you can definitely achieve this with huge magazines holding upwards of 40 rounds or more with the allowed mag extensions. Jared in our linked video below shows off all of the parts that make up his PCC setup and gives some great advice for people who want to shoot this class. If you have a Rifle setup in a pistol caliber go out and shoot. Even if you have standard pistol-sized mags, use them it’s better than waiting when you could be shooting.


Jared is a sponsored shooter by Accura Outdoors and runs Accura bullets in his PCC setup. So, if you were wondering if a copper-plated bullet could be used in a PCC gun, it runs great without any issues. Below are links to get Accura bullets and to get them locally. Jim’s Guns is also a great place to get any questions answered or help with getting a PCC setup. The last link is a link to the Idaho Steel Challenge to compete locally. If you’re interested in shooting USPSA the last link is to where you can find your matches.