So, you’re ready to take charge of your shooting experience and dive into the world of reloading? Awesome! But before you jump in, let’s make sure you’re armed with the essential terms you need to know. In this blog, we’re going to give you the lowdown on 20 must-know terms for reloading your own ammo. These terms will help you navigate the reloading process with confidence and ensure you’re on the path to safe and successful reloading. Lock and load, folks! It’s time to get started.


The whole enchilada – the complete package of ammo, including the case, primer, powder charge, and bullet.


The housing for all the other components in your cartridge. Think of it as the sturdy shell that holds everything together.


The spark that ignites the powder charge, kick-starting the whole shooting shebang.


The magic sauce that turns a dormant cartridge into a fire-breathing dragon. It’s the gunpowder or other combustible material that powers the bullet.


 The speedy projectile that takes flight once you pull the trigger.   We STRONGLY suggest using Accura Outdoors copper-plated bullets, it’s the rockstar of the show.

Powder Charge

The right amount of propellant you carefully measure and pour into the case. Get this wrong, and you might end up with fireworks you didn’t sign up for.

Bullet Seating

The art of gently coaxing the bullet into the case just right. No roughhousing here – we want that bullet snug and secure.

Case Resizing

Give your fired case a makeover to bring it back to its original dimensions. We don’t want any divas causing drama in the chamber.

Primer Pocket

The cozy little nook at the base of the case where the primer cuddles up. It’s where the real ignition party starts.


A mini-groove or indentation that locks the bullet in place. We want our bullets to stay put, like a stubborn toddler in a toy store.

Photo of Accura Outdoors copper plated bullets in a barrel


Make sure your cartridge fits like a glove in the firearm’s chamber. No wiggling or loosey-goosey business allowed.

OAL (Overall Length)

The measurement from the base of the cartridge to the tip of the seated bullet. We’re all about precision, folks.

 Neck Tension

The amount of grip the case neck has on the bullet. It’s like a friendly handshake that keeps things nice and snug.

Case Trim

Give those overgrown cases a trim, so they’re all the same length. We want our ammo to look sharp and uniform.

 Full-Length Sizing

Resize the entire case, from neck to body, to make it play nice with the firearm. We’re all about proper manners here.

Neck Sizing

Resize only the neck portion of the case. It’s like giving your case a gentle neck massage for improved accuracy.

Taper Crimp

 Gently taper the case mouth to keep the bullet cozy and prevent any unexpected moves. We want a tight but loving embrace.

Roll Crimp

Rolling the case mouth into a groove on the bullet, giving it a secure, “ain’t-nothing-gonna-move-me” hold.


Preparing for Ignition Explore the process of priming, which involves inserting new primers into the resized cases. Understand the various methods of priming and how to safely and accurately seat primers.

 Priming Tool

The handy-dandy device that helps you seat the primer into the primer pocket. It’s like giving your case a little peck on the cheek.


The golden rule of reloading. Always, always prioritize safety.  Learn more about how you can safely reload bullets here.

Congratulations! You’ve just unlocked 20 essential terms for reloading your own ammo. Armed with this knowledge, you’re ready to dive headfirst into the world of reloading. Remember, safety is your best friend, so always follow the rules and guidelines to ensure a successful and enjoyable reloading experience.