The Evolution of the 9mm

The 9X19mm, commonly known as the 9mm Luger for its designer Georg Luger and his pistol
introduced in 1902, was originally named the 9mm Parabellum, Latin for; “prepare for war”
Designed as a military cartridge, it has served over 70 countries and achieved NATO status in
1955. Although originally tested in 1903 by the U.S. Military, based on past historical failures of
small caliber handguns, the .45 ACP and 1911 pistol were the standard handguns until that all
changed in 1985 with testing and later adoption of the Beretta M9. Much has changed from the
original 124-grain Full Metal Jacket bullet with which it was introduced. The creation of reliable
expanding bullets brought the 9X19mm into the Law Enforcement and personal defense world
to stay. This, coupled with low recoil and high capacity, makes the 9X19mm one of the best
handgun caliber choices available today. Not bad for a 122-year-old cartridge.

Tailoring Performance of the 9mm

The 9X19mm is extremely flexible to reload for with a wide variety of bullet weights available.
The 115gr, 124gr and 147gr bullets are the most common. The 115gr is the most economical
and provides the lightest recoil of the three. The 124gr tends to show greater stability in a wider
variety of barrel twists due to its longer length and greater seating depth options for increased
accuracy. The 147gr is an interesting trend that came about to improve terminal performance
and produce subsonic velocities for suppressed weapons. Whether you prefer the light recoil
and economy of the 115gr, the improved accuracy and performance of the 124gr or the quiet
thump of the 147gr Accura Outdoors has a bullet option for you.

Reloading Insights for the 9mm

Reloading the 9X19mm with a handgun three die set is straight forward. Georg Luger did
provide reloaders a curve with the case taper from base to mouth .011. This can make it difficult
to get a full resize on the cases after several firings so make sure the size die is turned down
into the press to make full contact and ram cam over. Also due to the taper you may see an
hourglass shape with the seated bullet base. It is just a by product of the tapered case and
reloading die manufacturers doing their best to get their product to work with a wide variety of
brass cases that we all encounter at the range. Seating depth is another factor that we have
found greatly influences accuracy and reliability. Simply put the longer the better 1.150 overall
loaded length general works the best, it is best to chamber check your barrel before settling on
a load length. There is some chamber throat variance that requires shorter seating depth. The
variation seems to be more pronounced in the new wave of Pistol Caliber Carbines. The
well-established handgun manufacturers seem to have a better handle on chamber dimensions.

Get Reloading

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