The 10mm has an interesting history as cartridges go.  The Bren Ten pistol originally inspired its design in 1983; however, production ceased by 1986. That could have been the end of the story, but it seems to be a cartridge that is just too good to fade away.  We can thank Colt for introducing their Delta Elite 10mm 1911 style pistol in 1987.  The Smith & Wesson 1006 and the Glock G20 came out in 1990.  The 10mm Auto even had a short 2-year stint as the FBI service pistol in the 10mm lite load configuration but the 40 S&W proved to the be answer the FBI was really looking for.  The 10mm automatic is an impressive cartridge when loaded to full potential.  From the beginning there was a focused group that saw the 10mm Auto for what really was.  The most potent production handgun you could carry in bad places when large critters were a possibility. The 10mm auto has experienced a significant resurgence, marked by the release of several new pistols in recent years.

Reloading the 10mm automatic for versatility

The 10mm auto is the .40cal cartridge that can truly take advantage of the great variety of bullet weights available.  At Accura Outdoors our Precision-bond .40cal bullets give you flexibility with 155gr FP, 165gr FP and HP and 180gr HP and FP options.  Heavier and larger handguns typically accommodate the 10mm auto due to its longer cartridge length.  This makes for great shooting with the 10mm Lite loads that duplicate 40 S&W velocities.  180gr FP loads at 985fps a great shooting combination.  165gr FP and HP loads can provide another couple of options.  Loaded lite at 1050fps again they are a great lower recoil option.  Loading them to more full pressure speeds can reach 1250fps with a fully supported chamber and good quality brass.  The 180gr FP and HP are probably the most common choice.  Loaded appropriately at 1200fps they would be capable of tackling nearly anything. SAAMI sets the maximum cartridge overall length at 1.260, though some guns may prefer 1.250 depending on their chamber depth. The newest twist to come into the 10mm auto market is the small pistol vs. large pistol primer brass.  The original cartridge design was a large pistol primer.  In the last few years, manufacturers have begun producing brass with small pistol primers.  There are several opinions on this change.  With standard velocity loads most loaders report little or no change.  I guess we can just say it adds to the versatility of this great cartridge and make sure you sort your brass accordingly.  

Get Reloading

10mm Auto is that versatile reloaders friend and at Accura we want to give you the bullet options you need to take advantage of that.  So for the month of March 2024 we are offering 5% off all of our .40cal Precision-bond pistol bullets. Shop for those here