380 Automatic history Corto, Kurz or 9mm short

The 380 Automatic, developed by John Browning for his newly designed Colt pistol in 1908, remains a historical caliber with a variety of names, including 380 ACP (Auto Colt Pistol), 9×17mm, 9mm Browning, 9mm Corto, 9mm Kurz, and 9mm Short. Widely used in Europe for military and police applications, it is generally regarded as a compact concealed carry or backup gun in the US. Despite its varied nomenclature and usage, its legacy endures as a versatile firearm option.

The standard bullet diameter of .355 and the small case capacity limit reloading options to purpose-built bullets, setting them apart from the heavier weight options available for the 9X19mm, thus highlighting the unique history of 380 auto pistols, notable for their unique history. Original offerings in this caliber were designed with fixed barrels and operated on the blow back principle, while this can be great for accuracy it comes with some limitations. Blow back operation relies on heavy recoil springs and slide mass to manage the cycling of the pistol. Many shooters felt recoil on these is heavier than locked breech pistols. Blow back operated pistols tend to be finicky about ammunition pressure and bullet weights outside the standard offerings. While tilting barrel locked breech guns tend to be more flexible and compact with reduced slide mass and recoil spring rates.

Our best advice at Accura Outdoors is to keep your loads within the standard pressure and velocity ranges, regardless of your pistol operations type. Shooting is supposed to be enjoyable, not brutal. And those compact 380 auto pistols will appreciate your carefully crafted handloads.

380 Auto reloading options

The 380 Automatic would never make the top 10 in popular reloaded cartridges. Most 380 Automatic owners don’t shoot the volume that others do in 9mm Luger and other larger calibers. This creates a great niche for reloaders even though the small cases and bullets bring some reloading challenges. Small variations in charge weight are noticeable due to the small case capacity and should be avoided when reloading for the 380 Auto. Don’t let that deter you—if you have 380 Auto brass and dies, Accura Outdoors has a bullet solution for you. We produce two 380 Auto bullets the .355dia 100gr FP and .355dia 100gr RN. Both have proven to be top performers in a variety of pistols and can be the answer to affordable practice ammunition for that compact daily carry gun.

Get Reloading

When you’re ready to undertake the task, Accura Outdoors offers the bullets you need. During April 2024, we’re providing a 5% discount on both 380 bullets, whether you prefer the 100gr FP or the traditional 100gr RN, confident that you’ll enjoy the quality and performance of our Accura precision-bond bullets. We hope this encourages more range time with your 380 automatic pistol.