Handling firearms comes with a huge responsibility, and it’s something we should all take very seriously. Whether you’re new to shooting or have years of experience, it’s crucial to always keep safety front and center. At Accura Outdoors, we take firearm safety seriously and are committed to ensuring every shooting experience is a safe one. Let’s go through some basic firearm safety principles that are essential for everyone.

Treat Every Firearm as if it’s Loaded

One of the first things we learn about firearm safety is to always treat every gun as if it’s loaded. Even if we know it’s not, this mindset can prevent many accidents. It’s a simple habit that can make a big difference.

Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger Until Ready to Shoot

It’s crucial to keep our fingers outside the trigger guard until we’re ready to fire. Resting our fingers along the frame of the gun ensures that we only shoot when we intend to, which keeps everyone safe.

Always Point the Muzzle in a Safe Direction

The muzzle should always be pointed in a direction where an accidental discharge wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything valuable. It sounds obvious, but it’s easy to get careless. We need to be mindful of where our firearms are aimed at all times.

Be Sure of Your Target and What is Beyond It

Before taking a shot, we must make sure we know what we’re shooting at and what lies beyond it. Bullets can travel through targets and cause unintended damage. Being responsible and aware of our surroundings is key to safe shooting.

Store Firearms Safely and Securely

When not in use, our guns should be unloaded and stored in a safe place, like a locked cabinet or gun safe. Keeping ammunition separate adds an extra layer of security, especially if we have kids around or guests who might be curious.

Educate Ourselves Continually

There’s always something new to learn about firearms. We should regularly read manuals, take safety courses, and stay up-to-date with best practices. Knowledge is power, and it helps keep everyone safer.

Use Proper Ammunition

Using the right ammo is a must. We should double-check our firearm’s manual to ensure we’re using the correct type. The wrong ammunition can cause malfunctions and even serious injuries. It’s a simple step that can prevent big problems.

Wear Appropriate Safety Gear

Whenever we go shooting, we should always wear eye and ear protection. Guns are loud, and debris can fly when we fire a shot. Protecting our senses is an easy way to stay safe.

Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. We should never handle a firearm if we’ve been drinking or are under the influence of drugs. Being fully alert and in control is essential to handling a gun safely.

Follow Range Rules and Etiquette

When we’re at a shooting range, following the rules and listening to the range officers is crucial. They’re there to keep everyone safe. We should communicate clearly with others and respect the space and safety of fellow shooters.

Firearm safety is part of being a responsible gun owner, and it’s something we should all take to heart. By following these basic principles, we can help prevent accidents and create a safe environment for everyone. Remember, safety isn’t a one-time thing—it’s a continuous practice. Stay informed, stay cautious, and always prioritize safety when handling firearms.