How are your bullets made?

Our bullets are constructed of only the best-certified lead and copper. Bringing all the raw materials in house we begin by extruding the lead billets into a wire. This is then put through our precise swage machines that use pressure to form the lead core into the bullet shape. The lead cores are shuttled over to the state of the art plating bath, where our proprietary plating process gives us the softest and most malleable copper plating on the market. After they have been given their total copper coating, ranging from .006-.011 thickness per side (depending on projectile). The bullets are sent through a final die that forms them to the final shape and makes them the most consistent and uniform bonded bullet on the market. This whole time the bullets are being put through continuous inspection, and quality checks, we will not sell anything that does not meet our high standard for quality.

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When can I expect my order to ship?

Orders of in stock Items usually ship next business day USPS Flat Rate. Any Custom Order items may take up to 2 weeks to ship – you will be contacted with full details after the order is placed.

Can I return my product or cancel my order?

If you are not satisfied with your Accura Outdoors purchase for any reason, email us at or call 208-466-9975.

Cancellation Policy

While Accura Outdoors would like to make your online purchase as easy as possible, we ask that you are sure you want to purchase the item in question prior to completing the order. Your credit card is billed immediately during purchase through our secure payment gateway. Accura Outdoors reserves the right to assess a 15% cancellation fee.

Load Data

We have found that our bullets can be loaded with any jacketed load data found in most re-loading manuals and websites. As velocities can have
an extreme variance depending on brass, primer, firearm, and environmental conditions, start with a load in the middle of the published data for your
caliber. Then work up or down depending on pressures, velocities, accuracy, and reliability of firearm functionality until you reach the desired result. We recommend all load development and loading is only done by qualified individuals. The use of a chronograph is highly recommended when developing loads to determine velocity. Max velocity for any pistol round is 1300FPS and for the 30cal 120gr 2000FPS 1:8/1:7 3000FPS 1:10.