300blk 200 SP


30 Cal (.308 Diameter) 200gr Spitzer Point
Optimized to work in the popular 300 Blackout Caliber, will feed reliable out of semi-auto platforms.
Recommended C.O.L. 2.210
Available in 500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.

–Unable to ship or sell to MASSACHUSETTS–

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2 reviews for 300blk 200 SP

  1. Papayarry (verified owner)

    Excellent 300 blackout projectiles.
    Nothing over 2.210 COAL if you want them to run in you Gun with Magpul Pmags.
    CFEBLK at 12.6 gr. (16″ barrel 1×8 twist)
    FPS= 1060 avg for 20 rounds
    Standard deviation = 9
    Great for Coyote, Hog, and Zombie!

  2. Michael Conely (verified owner)

    I purchased these and wasn’t expecting much. I had purchased some plated bullets from a competitor and they key holed no matter how I loaded them, so I really wasn’t expecting much different from these. I found that 10.2 grains of 1680 at 2.210 worked best. Had a pretty nice group from 50 yards. These bullets are the best you’ll find especially at this price. I will be buying more…

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