300 BLK 120 SP Platinum


Limited Edition Platinum Colored Copper Plated Bullets!

Our Precision-bond copper plated bullets are the best reloading bullets on the market and priced to match.
They feature a swaged lead core and precision bonded copper.
Many competition shooters who demand consistency and repeatable accuracy use our plated bullets.

30 Cal (.308 Diameter) 120gr Spitzer Point (B.C. .303 G1)
Recommended C.O.L. 2.000
Available in 500 and 2500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.

–Unable to ship or sell to MASSACHUSETTS–

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1 review for 300 BLK 120 SP Platinum

  1. Andrew Peden (verified owner)

    Love these! Just recieved them. Loaded up in nickel brass cases to match my chrome plated Honor Guard Springfield ’03. Make for great light plinking bullets while matching the rifle perfectly.

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