.40 155 FP


40 Cal/10mm(.401 Diameter) 155gr Flat Point
Recommended C.O.L. 1.110
Available in 500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.

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2 reviews for .40 155 FP

  1. Adentyre

    Great bullets, fast shipping

  2. SteadyGSP

    Having had success with Accura’s 165gr FP and 180gr FP .40 cal bullets, I decided to experiment with the 155gr in my .40 S&W loads.

    I individually weighed a random batch of 40 bullets that I later loaded. All were +/- 0.6gr. Also, these 155’s are shorter than typical jacketed…so, I’d suggest sticking to Accura’s recommendation of 1.110” COL.

    With the 155’s my load objectives were mostly focused on light loads as I I’ve shot full 155gr loads before and wasn’t a fan of the snappy impulse. That said I loaded one sample heavier just for fun.

    Overall, the light loads were a pleasure. I’m going to order more and use them for loading and the light end of the spectrum.

    Compared to the 165 and 180, the 155 groupings were a bit bigger on paper (most notably the heavier load), but probably within margin of shooter influenced error since I’m just shooting on sandbag.

    Here are few loads:

    (Very) Light load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 155gr CPFP/Alliant Sport Pistol 4.6gr / 1.110″ / 802 fps avg. / 124 PF
    No function issues, but felt too close to the edge and state were poor. Also, if you’re going for 125 PF, it’s a no-go.

    Light load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 155gr CPFP/Alliant Sport Pistol 4.7gr / 1.110″ / 824 fps avg. / 128PF
    Really easy going recoil. Good stats and probably enough buffer to satisfy 125 PF. That said, I’m probably gonna test 4.8gr.

    Heavier load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 155gr CPFP/ Hodgdon Longshot 8.0gr / 1.110″ / 1201 fps avg
    Ok groups but looser than others. Snappy recoil impulse (expected). 186 PF, I prefer to get there with 180gr bullets at lower velocity.

    “I don’t always use plated bullets, but when I do, I use Accura”!

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