.40 165 FP


Our Precision-bond copper plated bullets are the best reloading bullets on the market and priced to match.
They feature a swaged lead core and precision bonded copper.
Many competition shooters who demand consistency and repeatable accuracy use our plated bullets.

40 Cal (.401 Diameter) 165gr Flat Point
Recommended C.O.L. 1.110
Available in 500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.
Top-rated Copper plated bullet
Made in the USA

–Unable to ship or sell to MASSACHUSETTS–

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2 reviews for .40 165 FP

  1. SteadyGSP

    Been loading Accura bullets in several calibers for some time. My reviews are long overdue so I’m leaving a couple reviews to share my experience with .40 S&W and 9mm loads (and plan to update with my .38Spl /.357 Mag loads when I get a chance).

    Like the other Accura calibers I’ve purchased, these 165 gr measured out extremely consistently in both weight and size. Neither of my .40 S&W platforms (Beretta 96 and H&K USP 40) are race guns, and they weren’t seeing much action being overshadowed by my 9mm. So I wanted to find some good go-to loads in both 165gr and 180gr. I was curious if the polygonal barrel of the H&K was going to play nice with plated bullets. The target image answers that concern!

    I loaded eleven different ladders of 10 rnds each using three powders with the goal of finding loads that worked well at light, medium, and heavier load levels for both 165gr and 180gr.

    These 165 flat-points were among the easiest loads to tune followed closely by the 180 flat points.
    From the lightest loads to the heaviest loads, they performed really well both on paper and chrono stats.. Sharing a few loads that stood out:

    Light load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 165gr CPFP/Alliant Sport Pistol 4.5gr / 1.123″ / 800.5 fps avg. / 132 PF
    (Same as above but @4.6 gr = 859 fps avg. and tighter SD.)

    Easily makes Minor PF with room to spare and a recoil impulse feels like a 147gr 9mm load.

    Medium load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 165gr CPFP/Alliant BE-86 6.4gr / 1.123″ / 1015.1 fps avg. / 167.5 PF
    (Major for IPSC Open Div is 160 PF; USPSA Major/IDPA CDP is 165)

    Heavier load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 165gr CPFP/ Hodgdon Longshot 7.5gr/ 1.123″ / 1076.4 fps avg
    (178 PF easily makes Major PF in all classes…and this is only a mid-range powder charge)

    “I don’t always use plated bullets, but when I do, I use Accura”!

  2. Hutchman25 (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with this product, perfect condition, packaging, shipping the whole works. Will buy again and again.

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