.40 180 FP


Our Precision-bond copper plated bullets are the best reloading bullets on the market and priced to match.
They feature a swaged lead core and precision bonded copper.
Many competition shooters who demand consistency and repeatable accuracy use our plated bullets.

40 Cal (.401 Diameter) 180gr Flat Point
Recommended C.O.L. 1.110
Available in 500 and 1500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.

–Unable to ship or sell to MASSACHUSETTS–

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2 reviews for .40 180 FP

  1. aaron.lawson@mail.com

    I was sent 100 of these to review/compare to some of the other bullets I had floating around. Apple’s to Apple’s comparison they beat dg bullets,Bear Creek, Xtreme, rmr and few others for accuracy, wieght accuracy, and velocity. I test with universal,titegroup, and cfe. Tested in G4 35 and Para hicap. They were most reliable feeding in 35 also

  2. SteadyGSP

    Expanding upon my review on the 165gr FP .40 S&W loads, the experience I had with these 180 gr FP was equally as solid.
    The 180 gr FP yielded even slightly better SD and ES figures which were quite good with the 165’s.
    It may due to the longer bullet resulting in increased neck tension and/or reduced case volume.

    I sound like a broken record but as with the other Accura calibers I’ve purchased, these measured out supremely consistent in both weight and size. Gotta love that. The Accura 180 FP and 165 FP are my new .40 S&W loads for sure. I’ll probably give the 155’s a try the next time I order a replen batch.

    Did a bunch of ladders and sharing some of the loads:

    Light load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 180gr CPFP/Alliant Sport Pistol 4.5gr / 1.150″ / 842 fps avg. (nice recoil impulse for a 180gr)

    (Same as above but @1.110” per Accura’s recommendation. 892 fps avg. and a very tight SD = 6, ES =18. Nice target grouping—see photo)

    Medium load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 180gr CPFP/Alliant Sport Pistol / 1.150″ / 944 fps avg.

    Heavier load:
    H&K USP 40 Full Size / 180gr CPFP/Hodgdon Longshot / 1.150″ / 1,058 fps avg.
    (Recoil felt a little heavier than factory loads)

    “I don’t always use plated bullets, but when I do, I use Accura”!

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