9 124 HP


Our Precision-bond copper plated bullets are the best reloading bullets on the market and priced to match.
They feature a swaged lead core and precision bonded copper.
Many competition shooters who demand consistency and repeatable accuracy use our plated bullets.

9mm (.356 Diameter) 124gr Hollow Point
Recommended C.O.L. 1.075
Available in 500, and 2500 count boxes
This is not loaded ammo.

–Unable to ship or sell to MASSACHUSETTS–

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2 reviews for 9 124 HP

  1. Sbrede

    I had a friend give me a few of these to try out, they were awesome and I now plan to buy in bulk..

  2. SteadyGSP

    In late 2017 I decided to give Accura, along with three other plated mfgrs, a try. Did a fair amount of diligence searching the forums and online resources but didn’t find much about them. So I reached out via phone (yes, actual human voice interaction still occurs) to share a conversation in order to get a sense of their operation. They’ve been around longer than I knew, but on the B2B side and recently straddled to selling direct to consumer.

    These guys/gals are kind, congenial and know their stuff. I had a lot of questions. I’m fastidious bordering on mildly OCD. Translate well in hand loading but can also be annoying. They were happy to oblige my list of questions.

    That said, ultimately the product has to be good…well, even more, it has to be better than the others in a field that seems to be increasingly competitive.

    I’ve tested and loaded a large batch of the 9mm 124 HP (also 124 RN and FP) in four my platforms.

    As with all projectiles I purchase, I random sample weigh and measure at least 100 per batch. The 124 HP were about 98% +/- 0.5 grains from spec. and none were over/under 1.0 grain off of spec. The diameter consistently measured out to 0.3556 +/-.0001 using a Mitutoyo digital micrometer.
    Like the other Accura calibers I load, they’ve proven to be the most consistent plated projectiles I’ve sampled to date.

    These performed very well under various load levels: light, medium, and standard power loads using three powders: Alliant Sport Pistol, Alliant BE-86, Hodgdon Longshot.

    Here is just one easy going load that makes minor PF: Sport Pistol 4.2gr / 1.090″ / 1024 fps avg. in my Beretta 92; and a tad faster in my Browning BDM thanks to a tighter chamber. Tight groups with both. One point, I haven’t seen any real difference in performance (or variation in stats for that matter) between the flat points and hollow points–both terrific.

    I like that I’ve found a company that produces product consistently. Makes my hobby more enjoyable when one of the major inputs to the equation is held relatively constant.

    “I don’t always use plated bullets, but when I do, I use Accura”

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