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Brass Butter

Commercial grade case lube.



Portable and Affordable AR-500 Steel Target System.

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.22 Challenger

The challenge of a spinning plate rack with the everlasting fun of a dual-ling tree.

What we are made of

Plated bullets made in the USA from the best sourced raw materials

Our bullets are constructed of only the best certified lead and copper. Bringing all the raw materials in house we begin by extruding the lead billets into wire. This is then put through our precise swage machines that use pressure to form the lead core into the bullet shape. The lead cores are then shuttled over to the plating bath where our proprietary plating process gives us the most malleable copper plating on the market. Following plating the bullets are then put through one last sizing die that forms them to the final shape, and makes them the most consistent and uniform bullet on the market.

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